Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Finally, it’s the end of our journey, The Ausmat journey. It’s seems just like yesterday we registered at KBU and without realize, it’s been 18 month there. And throughout the 18 month adventure, I did learn a lot of new things, meet new friends and know a lot of very interesting character. It appear to me that I would to share of my opinion of some of the character I faced.

“Don’t chase me, but I will chase you”

This characteristic is the type that is very difficult for me to understand in the first place. A person who rather not showing their enthusiasm toward you, doesn’t show any interest in you and rarely express their appreciation toward what you did. It would be more obvious when, you saw them crying, sad, feeling down or heartbroken, and you tried your best to be beside them, be there for them, unfortunately, it turns out they want you to leave them alone. However, when you tend to ignore them, they would slide in to your life slowly. They would suddenly run to you, text you, call you, eventually they show that they need you, appreciate you. Maybe they feel like they loosing you when you ignore them, and then they try to chase you back. Or they just would be the one who doesn’t like to burden others.

“I will be everywhere you go”

This is another interesting characteristic but rare. A type of person who will always be there for you, be around you, be there with having fun and laughter and that person would be the key of the enjoyment, the team player, the party starter. They will always make you laugh, and forget about your troubles. Although it only help us in short-term period, but hey, it’s help. They rarely go deep with you, solving the problem, preferable to forget bout them which is great, but the problem never goes away, which is bad. The best thing they will always be there to cheer you up. Be there WITH you.

“Are you okay?”

A type of person that I think I know the most. The one who never give up on no one. The ones that always be the ear. The one that never stop asking “are you okay?”. They can’t help it. They will always ask. The ones who really want to know everything. Solve all the mystery. Help out. The ones that would consider themselves as being there for you. This is because they would always listen, and try to understand you. Believe in everything you say. Be by your side. The good things is that they will always be there FOR you. The bad thing is, they are annoying.

Well guess what, it is just my opinion and what I saw. And what I learn is, nobody ARE not perfect.

p/s:more to come on daily experience and views

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